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DKBS Korean BBQ Back Yard Grill

The Highest Quality Korean BBQ Grills


Dynamic Korean Back Yard Grill
Dynamic Korean Back Yard Grill

Korean BBQ Back Yard Grill
Additional Pictures of Dynamic Korean Back Yard Grill
Move your cooking outdoors with this two burner Backyard Grill gas grill. This full-size grill has an attractive marble finished top and an amazing finish. Cook all of your Korean favorites on this outdoor grill. This is excellent for:
Signature Prime Steak
Black Angus Top Sirloin         
Signature Pork Steak
Marinated Pork Loin
Black Angus hanging tender meat
American Kobe Chadol
Thinly Sliced American Wagyu Kobe Brisket
American Kobe Roast Beef
American Wagyu Kobe Sirloin Beef
American Kobe Woosul
American Wagyu Kobe Beef Tongue
American Kobe Woo Beasal
American Wagyu Kobe Beef Belly
Saeng Galbi
Black Angus Short Rib
Yangyum Galbi
Marinated Angus Prime Short Rib
American Kobe Bulgogi
Thinly Sliced Marinated American Wagyu Kobe Beef
Marinated Angus Beef Tenderloin
Hawaiian Steak in Sweet Teriyaki with Pineapple Slices
Bistro Harami
Hanging Tender Meat Marinated w/ Miso
Spicy Dak Goo-Ee
Marinated Spicy BBQ Chicken
Dak Bulgogi
Marinated Sweet and Savory Chicken          
Garlic Chicken with Jalapeno Cheese Fondue
Pork Cheek
Dweji Bulgogi
Marinated Spicy Pork
Pork Belly
Smoked Garlic Samgyubsal
Marinated Pork Belly with Smoked Garlic
Red Wine Samgyubsal
Marinated Pork Belly with Red Wine
Miso Samgyubsal
Marinated Pork Belly with Miso
Garlic Calamari
Marinated Garlic Calamari
Spicy Calamari
Marinated Spicy Calamari w/ Onion and Rice Cake
Bulgogi Calamari
Marinated with Bulgogi Sauce
Lightly Marinated Abomasum
Lightly Marinated Ox Large Intestine
Lightly Marinated Ox Small Intestine
Crispy Sesame Chicken
Lightly Fried Marinated Chicken
Mushrooms & Vegetables
Spicy Rice Cake
Lightly Fried Rice Cake Stick with Sweet and Spicy Sauce
Soybean Stew
Soft Tofu Stew
Jap Chae